D365 CX Summit 2023 – Brussels

Dynamics 365 CX Summit 2023

23-24th June  – Brussels, Belgium

Dynamics 365 CX Summit - Free Tickets -Sold Out!

Dynamics 365 Customer Experience Summit 2023

The Dynamics 365 CX Summit is a Free Microsoft Community Conference taking place on 24th June in Brussels, Belgium providing the following deep dive tracks;

  1. Customer Services & OmniChannel
  2. Sales & Marketing Automation
  3. Customer Self Service, Chat Bots & A.I.
  4. Field Services & Project Operations
  5. Microsoft 365, MS Teams & Viva

D365 CX Summit

24th June


Omni Channel Bootcamp

23rd June

Omni Channel Bootcamp

1 Day Crash Course into Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Services delivered by Microsoft MVP & Call Centre Expert Neil Parkhurst

CX Round Table Talks

23rd June

CX Round Table

CX Leaders Round Table for Microsoft Customers and Partners to engage directly with Microsoft & CX Leaders Panel to share CX pain points and feedback Hosted By Guro Faller

Marketing Bootcamp

23rd June

Marketing Bootcamp

1 Day Crash Course into Dynamics 365 Marketing Automation delivered by Microsoft MCT’s Narayan Solanki & Ed

Power Pages Bootcamp

23rd June

Power Pages Bootcamp

1 Day Crash Course into Building Power Pages Portals for Customer Self Service from Scratch Training delivered by Microsoft MVP’s Arpit & Raz

Conference Tracks

Dynamics 365

Customer Service



Virtual Agents

Customer Insights

Field Service

Project Operations

Power Platform


Power Apps


CX Summit Agenda

Speaker Sessions Title Description
Room 1 - Sales & Marketing
Lunaura Hassinger 09:00 - Microsoft Keynote Microsoft Principal Program Manager Lunaura Hassinger will giving this years CX Summit keynote!
Guro Faller 10:00 - Customer Experience through the Microsoft CX Platform

Customer experience (often abbreviated as CX) refers to the overall impression or feeling that a customer has about their interactions with a company or brand. It encompasses all the touchpoints a customer has with a business, from browsing products or services online to purchasing, receiving support, and post-sale interactions.
By leveraging technology in these and other ways, companies can create a more seamless and satisfying customer experience. How can the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform support your organization through Self-service, Personalization, omnichannel, automation, and Data analysis?

Join to learn the key value of Microsoft's Customer Experience (CX) Platform. CXP is a suite of tools and services designed to help businesses improve their customer experience by leveraging data and analytics. The CX Platform includes several components, including Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Sales, and Dynamics 365 Marketing.
In addition to these tools, the CX Platform also includes Azure Synapse Analytics, a cloud-based data analytics service, and Power Platform, a suite of low-code development tools.

In this session I will demonstrate how combining these tools and services, Microsoft's CX Platform aims to help businesses deliver a more seamless and personalized customer experience.


Vivian Voss 11:00 - Automate your Marketing flows using Dynamics 365 Marketing, MS Teams and Power Pages Vivian will show you how you can automate your campaigns by using various Microsoft tools that companies already are using or should be to bring all your data to the same platform. Combining Dynamics 365 Marketing together with MS Teams and Power Pages makes it possible for your Marketing department to be in control of the whole process while also having our data in one place.
Lisa Pulsinger
Fabian Huber
12:00 - Powerful Document Automation for MS Dynamics

To run real life business processes from MS Dynamics you often need to generate individualized and attractive Office or PDF documents like Offers, Contracts or Reports automatically. In this session, you will get an overview of the technical options you have when it comes to document automation with MS Dynamics 365 for Sales, CRM, Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance, AX and NAV. Learn about the pros and cons as well as best practices. Get a live demo how to get the job done in minutes. Design templates in MS Office and integrate data not only from MS Dynamics but also from any other data source like SharePoint or SAP and import dynamic tables, pictures and charts, bar codes and even other documents. Prepare to be amazed

13:00 - Lunch Break
Andre Reys 14:00 - Customer Data and Customer Experience 4.0

With the growing need to manage data and its silos and at the same time maintain assertive communication with their customers, the Marketing and Customer Service teams are faced with a major challenge in managing data and achieving this assertiveness in communicating with their customers.

To respond to this topic, I would like to present a session addressing the adoption of Dynamics Customer Insights as a data manager connected with Dynamics 365 Marketing for marketing and connected to Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Omnichannel in customer relations.

Mats Necker 15:00 - Supercharge D365 Marketing with custom channels

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers great out-of-the-box capabilities to create individual customer journeys alongside side automatic interactions with them 

But did you know that it also offers powerful extensibility capabilities? One of them will be highlighted in this session: Custom Channels. With custom channels, you can extend your customer journeys in a very flexible and supported way to reach customer on what ever channel they are 

In this session, we will do a live demo of creating a custom channel and highlight what to be aware of 

Vivian Voss 16:00 - Let your data do the coaching – Conversational intelligence brings your sales team to new heights Every interaction with your customers is a learning possibility. What could we do better next time? Why did I lose that case? What went great? Until now we have had to rely on the information sellers might or not note down after each interaction. They are not always reliable, especially when there are emotions in play. But wouldn’t it be great if each salesperson could learn from their own calls and data?

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Sales Insights area, called Conversation Intelligence. Vivian will guide you through the new feature by showing you how you can use this tool to coach your team to do even greater things.
Room 2 - Customer Services
Neil Parkhurst 10:00 - Microsoft's contact center in a box explained! Microsoft have made massive advancements in the technology which supports their Digital Contact Center Platform. Bringing together Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Omnichannel for Customer Service, Azure Communication Services, Power Virtual Agents, and more. In this demo you will see how this "contact center in a box" approach provides a seamless platform for conact center agents. This is an essential presentation for anyone interested in Omnichannel chat, voice channel, contact centers or customer service. So a "must see" demo for most!
Joris Poelmans 11:00 - Measuring customer experience with Microsoft Customer Voice In this session I will explain how you can leverage Microsoft Customer Voice to gather feedback and improve your customer experience by closing the loop. The session will provide practical implementation guidelines, talk about challenges and pitfalls based on the lessons learned from an implementation of Customer Voice integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service on a Pan-European level in the automotive industry with a large dealership network.
13:00 - Lunch Break

Jeroen Paters
14:00 - The benefits of a IT Service Management solution in Dynamics 365 Customer Service In this session our speaker will show how implementing a solid ITIL framework within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service brings to life the end goal of the best practice theory of the IT Service Management maturity model. Within a tailored IT Service Management app demonstration, the presenter will illustrate key stages of the model to match features such as Self Service (using the PowerApps Portal), Service Catalogue, Incidents, Requests, Problem and Change Management. This is a great way for users to understand where they are now, where they need to be and how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and PowerPlatform technology supports their journey.
Ambesh Singh 15:00 - Top Tips for Implementing Customer Service with Power Virtual Agents No matter if you are a business expert or IT developer, you will learn to Enhance customer experience by Integrating PVA bots with Customer Self service Portals!! We will see in the live demo how to integrate PVA with Customer Self service portals which enhances the customer experience and organization productivity. In this session, we will see lesson learning and best practices to consider while designing and implementing PVA chatbots, what's new, and what is in roadmaps along with Live demo.
Arpit Shrivastava 16:00 - Revolutionize customer service with Power Platform and Co-Pilot AI

We’re entering the era of next-generation AI that is driving new levels of productivity and efficiency, unleashing new innovations in the customer service space. AI is profoundly changing how customers engage with businesses and how agents provide exceptional service to them. This session would be focused on demonstrating - How Power Platform along with next generation AI revolutionizes customer service and enables agents to deliver fast and relevant resolutions to customer problems.

Room 3 - Unified Scheduling
Antti Pajunen 10:00 - Project budget management in D365 Project Operations Lite This session will walk you through project budget management's core concept and the important details that must be set right on budget lines, matching priorities, and price lists for project budget management to deliver expected results. You will learn what project budget management is, and what different variables have to be considered in project budget management.
Sebastian Sieber 11:00 - Find the perfect match - How to leverage Resource staffing capabilities in Dynamics 365 ProjOps So, your big customer wants to start their high priority, massive complex Power Platform / Dynamics 365 Project spontaneously tomorrow and you're in charge to find the highest skilled and available colleagues in your organization?
But what are all the options on Platform and Dynamics 365, especially using Project Operations - we will dig deep into the differences and spotlight the best ways to extend the existing capabilities
Sushma Mohitlal 12:00 - Dynamics 365 Field Service with Integrated Maps: The Future of Mobile Workforce Management! Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service business application helps organizations deliver planned on-field service to customer locations. It combines workflow automation, scheduling algorithms, and mobility to set up field reps for success when on the field with clients. This, however, can be enhanced multi-folds with assistance from all-inclusive add-ons. 80% of the CRM data has a geographical factor that helps in making location-based strategies. Dynamics users feel hindered due to a lack of geo-location-based intelligence while analyzing their CRM data. Maplytics, the 5-star rated App of the Microsoft AppSource is a geo-mapping app that empowers businesses to harness this power of geo-analytics by visualizing CRM data on the Map. In this session, we would look into how
13:00 - Lunch Break
Lucas Diaz 14:00 - Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service implementation pitfalls

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service can be a complex process, and there are several pitfalls that organizations may encounter. Let's take a journey together and create a strategy for successful implementations.

Antti Pajunen 15:00 - Building Project Operations PoCs with Power Automate This session will walk you through three PoC scenarios that leverage Power Automate, and it will leave you with knowledge of important considerations on what kinds of scenarios should only be conceptualized with Power Automate, and what should be done in code. You will learn what can and should be implemented in Power Automate vs. what should only be conceptualized as a PoC, and left for developers to build in code.
Sebastian Sieber 16:00 - Migrate to Microsoft D365 Project Operations - A complete Guide and Walkthrough You or your customers want to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations?
We got you covered. Learn everything you need to know in our session about the migration.
We will cover all the different scenarios and options, provide you a step by step guide to validate your data upfront and more.
All spiced up with a Q&A and live demo - you receive the ultimate playbook for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations migration
Room 4 - Advanced
Peter Ruiter 10:00 - Building Smarter Bots with ChatGPT and Power Virtual Agents: Maximizing Efficiency and Control

This session will explore the integration of Microsoft's Power Virtual Agents and OpenAI's ChatGPT to create intelligent and efficient chatbots.

You will learn how to leverage the advanced language capabilities of ChatGPT within the enterprise-focused framework of Power Virtual Agents to create custom-made bots that can understand natural language and respond to user queries with accurate information.

Katerina Chernevskaya 11:00 - Boost your sales team productivity with Viva Advanced Insights and Azure Machine Learning

Sales techniques and communication channels between sellers and customers are rapidly evolving with the impact of the pandemic, new digital marketing tools, and the rise of digital-native generations. In these circumstances, it is a challenge to provide high-quality training of your salespeople in effective and modern methods of work, especially with proven effectiveness based on data.

Imagine being able to get detailed information about the working patterns of your most successful salespeople and, based on this real data, build a training program, work standards, evaluation methods, and other parameters for your sales team.

To do this, in this session, I will explain how to:
- Get anonymized data on the working styles of your sales team.
- Enrich this data with information on the success of their work from the CRM system.
- Analyze the data using Azure Machine Learning to determine the most critical factors that influence sales success.

By attending this session, you will gain insights into data-driven sales training methods and learn how to apply them to your team. You will leave with practical knowledge and skills that can help you improve your team's performance and drive business growth.


Melinda Farkas Martien van Dam 12:00 - Exflow AP Invoice Automation inside D365 In our presentation, we will briefly introduce ExFlow by SignUp Software's built-in, feature-rich AP Invoice Automation solution, which was developed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics365. We demonstrate how easily ExFlow can increase the efficiency, transparency and control of our customers' AP invoice process, reducing costs while delivering significant process savings. Our session will introduce Power BI analytics capabilities and dashboards that Exflow offers out-of-the-box. We culminate our presentation with showcases of customer experiences.
13:00 - Lunch Break
Anders Eide 14:00 - How to build a complex Product Pricing Solution in D365 Sales with Plugins

In this session we will dive into how to configure your environment and getting started with developing C# plugins for model driven applications in Power Platform. To use an example that is easy to relate to, we will configure a custom price plugin for Dynamics 365 Sales.

Katerina Chernevskaya 15:00 - Using Power Apps Cards to speed up Dynamics 365 Sales usage

For many simple and repetitive operations, the full interface of Dynamics 365 Sales may be redundant and slow down work. Additionally, Viva Sales and Dynamics 365 App for Outlook applications do not provide sufficient flexibility in customization and ensuring the required level of UI/UX.

The new type of mini-apps Power Apps Cards can become an excellent tool for your sales team for customizing and streamlining common tasks in the sales process. These mini-apps can be created by either by professional developers, Citizen Developers, or the sales department.

In this session, we will explore a real-world example of creating such a mini-application from zero to hero, as well as governance and access rights aspects for working in a corporate environment.

Through this session, participants will gain the skills to develop a simple application for data input into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales directly from the Microsoft Teams channel or chat. The session will be valuable for sales teams looking to improve productivity by reducing the complexity of Dynamics 365 Sales and creating custom solutions for common tasks.


Anders Eide 16:00 - Navigating the capabilities in Microsoft Entra

Microsoft Entra has a huge set of capabilities, and many of the tools have similar and matching features. Service like Azure AD have been there for years, while Entitlement Management and Lifecycle management is quite new for most of us. In this session we'll dive into these capabilities, and try to understand them all, how to use them in Power Platform scenarios

Room 5 - Power Platform

Daniel Laskewitz
10:00 - Top Tips to manage your Power Platform environments

This session will include a bunch of tips that you can use to your advantage when defining your own environment strategy or when you already have one and are looking for potential improvements.

You'll walk away from this session with a clear understanding on how to define your environment strategy and how you can manage it.

Jörgen Schladot 11:00 - Data Modelling - Best Practices for Dynamics 365 CE and Dataverse In each Dataverse environment a default Datamodel exists already - also known as the Common Data Model which contains several tables, columns, and relationships. With each application like Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc. this existing data model will be enhanced by many components which offer a lot of options but also restrictions.
In this session we will have a close look at complex relationships, and considerations for customizations when working in dataverse.
13:00 - Lunch Break
Razwan Choudry 14:00 - Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Licensing Options

In this session i will provide an introduction to the Power Platform & Dynamics licensing.

This topic is necessary to reduce the monthly or annual expenditure of any small or larger businesses.

This topic for those who are implementing Dynamics 365 first party apps or Power Platform within their businesses.

Feline Parein
15:00 - How to develop enterprise critical applications with the Power Platform How do you develop a big Power App in a team? Based on a real-life scenario we will discuss our environment strategy, our solution strategy and how we co-developed on a single Power App.
Narayan Solanki 16:00 - Let's talk about Microsoft Industry Clouds

The Microsoft Industry Clouds have tailored solutions built for your industry that combine Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform. This session will explain how Power Platform and Dynamics 365 CE are key in Microsoft Industry Clouds.

17:00 - Community End Note

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CX Summit Venue

The CX Summit is the largest Dynamics 365 focused community conference and bootcamp focused on Customer Experience Solutions with Microsoft Business Applications taking place on 23rd-24th June 2023 at Microsoft KPMG Belux, Passport Building. Luchthaven Nationaal 1k, 1930 Zaventem, Brussels, Belgium.

By Car: Carparking is available at the KPMG Car Park Located Under the building, please use the following instructions to access the KPMG Unground Car Park http://d365cxsummit.powercommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/KPMG-Belgium-Car-Park-Access.pdf

Nearest Airport: The venue is conveniently located next door to Brussels National Airport (BRU)


Nearest Hotels to Conference Venue:

  • Sheraton Brussels Airport Hotel
  • Novotel Brussels Airport
  • Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport
  • Van Der Valk Brussels Airport hotel

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